Simple microwave repair tips

A microwave oven is considered as a common household appliance present in any home. Oftentimes, it might no longer work and will surely leave homeowners confused and wondering what went wrong. There are several common problems that might occur with your microwave oven. With some helpful microwave repair tips, you can easily deal with problems present on your microwave oven without dealing with costly repair costs by hiring a professional.

In some cases, your microwave oven will not turn on. If this is the case, your initial task is to check the plug. Always make sure that it is properly plugged while at the same time the door of the microwave oven is properly aligned and closed. In case there is a fuse that was blown, all you have to do is to simply change it or reset the tripped circuit breaker. The next step is to turn on the switch. If the microwave oven still does not work, there might be other issues present and the best move is to get in touch with a professional.

In case your microwave oven continues to blow the fuses or tripping the breaker, the best move is to examine the door switch. Look for the door switches and take away the leads. Examine the terminus utilizing a volt meter. Once the microwave door is open, the evaluation should be infinity and once it is closed, it must point to zero. If these findings are not right, all you have to do is to change the switch and verify again the readings. There are also cases in which the diode and the capacitor might be in a bad state. All you have to do is to assess the capacitor with a voltmeter. The findings that you will get must gradually increase to infinity. You have to assess once more by the reversal of the probes and you should get the same reading. On the other hand, if the readings are different, it might be broken. The diode should also be checked. The readings should be contradictory, if not, you have to change them. If the problem cannot be identified, you would definitely need to call a professional to do the repairs.

At some point, the carousel in your microwave oven might not spin. Take note that the carousel is operated by a small-sized motor and not linked with the heating function. If the carousel is not turning, you have to check the plastic drive on which the tray is positioned as well as the ring and the roll assembly. You are required to open the microwave cabinet in order to fix it. In case your microwave oven cooks in a slow manner or providing uneven results, check the voltage at the power supply. In case it is less than 115, there might be a problem with the electrical service. A motor in a bad state might also be the cause. In order to check this, simply remove the grill at the bottom and check utilizing the voltmeter. You have to replace the motor if the reading is infinity.

These minor problems can be dealt with by using the right microwave oven repair, as long as you have the right tools and knowledge, it will surely help save on costly professional repairs.